American Airlines’ Employees Information System

imageThe American Airlines is among the company that offers the best air passenger service in United States. There are many people who used their service. For the company to accommodate the daily work they have used a system for the Airline employees. A system that all employees and contractors can access their benefits, 401k plan, taxes, salaries, air flight services and other employment information. In this way, it is less work for HR department to do the task of updating the employment status of this large company.
Employee Registration Process

For those who do not have an account yet, you can start your registration process now. Just refer to the steps if you do not know the process.
a. Immediately check out the website and after which select the “Log in help” link.
b. In that case, if over the page press the “First Time User Registration”.
c. You are going to be sent straight towards the page for which you might be asked for your worker or contractor number. Be sure you click “Submit” button.
d. Additionally, you can reach the page in which you produce your own User ID and password. Click “Continue”.
e. Currently select your own personal security questions and respond to them.
f. Once you are by now finish, then click “Finish” button and read the “User Agreement”.


Employee Login Process

The Jetnet American airlines website can only be accessible to authorized viewers for instance the workers. If you would like connect to the website be sure you have your own personal user ID and password.
a. Go on the login webpage which has two fields you ought to fill out, the user ID and then your own password.
b. Just click login.
c. If ever you lost your password, follow on underneath the “Forgot your password?” link.
d. You would be redirected towards the page to get your authorization ID.
e. Reply as well as on the security question.

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