Bank of America Online Application

imageFor those who have an account in Bank of America or also known as Boa, you can manage your account through acquiring online account. It provides the necessary tools to make a deposit, checks current balance, and send money and many more that helps you manage your account. You can also setup an automatic online payment transfer to your utility bills. You can do online banking in this bank for free anytime and anywhere you are. You can also apply for other services such as credit card and loans. All you need is to obtain your own account.

How to Create Your Own Account?

  1. First, go to the website of the bank at Look for the “Enroll Now” link which is found on the left side of the page and then click it. You can now start to setup your account online.
  2. You need to include the information needed on the website. You have to select your state. Then, select the type of account you want to apply such as edd card for employees or other more and click the “Continue Enrollment”. If you choose the “Bank of America Credit Card”, provide your credit card information.
  3. You must also provide your Social Security System number, the account number you have on the bank, your current and active email address and the language preference you want.
  4. You need to read the agreement first before you agree by checking the checkbox. You have to again press the “Continue Enrollment” to process the information and create your own account now.
  5. Wait for your password to be sent on your email. You can always change the password once you can now login to your account.

Make sure you create a username and password that you can easily remember. Keep the information to yourself because it is the most important private details in your life.

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