Free Aol Mail Account Sign Up Process

One of the expanding tools of communication is email. From small to big companies, people have been using this tool for many reasons. One is that email is fast and reliable when it comes to sending and receiving information. Second is that many websites now required you to have an email account for you to access their pages. Lastly, is that people now use email to apply for a position posted online. One of the most used email services is the Aol. Why? You can use this service for free plus you got unlimited storage online for your mails. If you are curious on how to create an Aol account, read the context below:

  1. Click your browser and type in the address bar the URL of aol, Just wait for the homepage of the website to appear.
  2. Once on the homepage, go to the right side and find the blue envelop icon and click it. You will be taken on the Aol email login page.
  3. Look for the red big button that says “Get free AOL Mail” on the login page. Click the button so you can go to the sign up page.
  4. The first thing to do on the Aol email sign up page is to fill out all the basic information asked from you. Then, you will input the desired email address you have chosen as well as a password for your account. Make sure that your email ID and password is secured enough for hackers.
  5. After everything is filled out, you can now click the green button which will submit your entered information as a sign that you can now start using your new email account.
  6. But before that, you have to wait for the message saying “Access Your Mail Now!” You can now use your email account.

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