State Employees’ Credit Union Benefits

The NC State Employees’ Credit Union runs solely for the benefits of the membership. This company will invest and reinvest for the profits of members. It offers different kinds of services on whatever they want. It was founded in June 4, 1937 and with 17 members only. Now it has widened with several branches. You can visit their website at Here are some of the reasons why people join this institution.image 1

  1. In NSECU, you are a member not a stockholder. But with banks you will always be the customer, banks and other financial institutions goal is to make profit from the stockholders of the company. But with this credit union, their goal is to pass all the money to all members. There are even added benefits such as low rates and fees exclusive for members.
  2. Misconception of the limited ATM and branches. State Employees’ Credit Union belongs to larger networks, you can find available ATM locations just near your residence.
  3. The company offers credit card like banks. They offer Visa Credit Cards to members and even have low rates for them. You can’t find any banks of financial institutions that offer this kind of rate. If you want to know, you can inquire or browse on their websites for the rates given to credit cards. It has also rewards just like others.
  4. Free ATM withdrawal fee. With the North Carolina State Employees’ Credit Union ATM card, you can withdraw freely as long as you get it from the participating ATM of the credit union. You don’t have to feel burden of paying the hefty fees that some banks gave to their customers.
  5. Lower rates than the banks. At this credit union, the mortgages, personal loans, auto loans, credit cards and home equity loans all have low rates. On the other side, the checking, savings and money markets have higher rates. You will have a good place to put your savings and earn higher rates.

Get your own my secu account by signing up on their website and be part of their organization.

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