What ADP iPay Offers to Your?

If your company is suffering from the problem of handling payroll system in a manual way, it is time to find a solution. ADP iPay can be the best option. It is an online payroll service which caters the needs of human resource department when it comes to employee information relating to their payroll. It’s fast and secured.  Data are stored in cloud storage which is password protected. Employees must register on the system to get their payroll statements. What does this system generates?image

  1. Earnings. This part is relevant to the hours worked by the staff plus the rate she or he may have on the pay day. It calculates the standard gross pay of workers.
    d. Salary Deductions. It is the part which staff will know exactly how much amount was subtracted on their gross pay money for many reasons.
  2. Social Security and Medicare. These are the basic benefits from the company which are usually deductible in the course of pay day. The date and the amount will replicate on your own pay check. Personal Information. This is the location where employees’ private information is reflected. It provides your name and sending address. In addition, it computes and tracks the details of tax together with marital status from the employees. This also contains your difference on federal you stated or even the allowances.
  3. Pay Period dates. It is the information of date that ADP issues the wages of workers. The Pay Period Ending Date would be the closing day of the pay day. The date is available near the top right section of the ADP logo.
  4. Direct Deposit. ADP iPay has functionality which deposits the salaries of workers directly to the bank. This process is faster and employees might get their wage even on holidays.


Login to ADP now and manage your own payroll statements.

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