Federal Student Aid: What Are They?

Students are looking for a way to finish college when they could not afford. There are many options available such as loans, grants or looking for a job. Loans can be given by the government and private institutions. Grants can also be given by government. Take a peek here at fafsa.ed.gov. If you are looking for financial aid, federal student aid might be the solution. It is the help given to students who are qualified according to the requirements passed and financial status. Everyone can apply but government will set qualification levels to make sure that a student is fit for a loan, grant or the work-study aid. The first requirement for the application is completing the FAFSA. But before you consider applying, it might be good to know more about the financial aid offered.image

  1. Federal Loans. All students who are engaged in Direct Subsidized Loans and Direct Unsubsidized Loans are offered by Department of Education in United States to loan. The loan is exclusive right from individuals who proposed in private loan companies. The loan is base on salary settlement options and fixed interests. The Federal Loan is cheaper than private loan.
  2.  Federal Grants. The grant given to student depends on the financial status and the need of the student in his or her college expenses. This does not demand compensation. The awards and grants only accessible to high school graduates and undergraduates that possess below average income or weren’t able to afford college expenses.
  3. Federal Work-Study. Any student who is granted by this help will be given a part-time job in exchange of help in paying tuition or any college expenses. The job proposed will depend on what each one selected niche.

The three financial aid types should be the first choice of student before seeking private companies for financial help. You can pick one for which to apply now but read here at www.fafsa.gov first.

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