GUE/NGL: Political Group in Europe

The GUE/NGL or European United Left/Nordic Green Left Group is the political group in left-wing on the European Parliament seats ever since in year 1995. It is a confidential group that composes of MEP’s national parties. This group shared common political objectives that abide the constituent declaration. The group may also be divided on different parties. The members will have the regular meetings, debate on some policies and vote on the resolution of the meeting. The group will publish the reports on different topics.
Brief History of the Political Group
The enlargement of the group European Union leads to the creation of the Nordic Green Left in the year 1995. When the created group left Confederal Group in January 6, 1995, the GUE/NGL was formed. The first group consisted of Finish, Danish, Sweddish, Greeks, Spanish and Communist party in Italy. It was on the year 1999 that the Greek and German members joined into a full member parties. In year 2002, the MPE’s in French joined the group.
The Membership of GUE/NGL
The members of this political group have the following:
The MEP’s members
a.    As a full member, you must accept the constitutional declaration made by the Group.
b.    The associate members may not fully do but must sit on the full members.
The National Parties
a.    Full members will also accept the constitutional declaration on the group.
b.    The associate members maybe on the parties but do not have the MEP’s.
Most the GUE/NGL sites are available either in English or French, if you are looking for information about this group. This political group aims to build a strong democratic cooperation between European countries. It creates collaboration on the states without any creating a power block among each other.

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