How to Shop Online Using Vanilla Visa Gift Card?

imageVanilla Visa gift card is among the choice of many when it comes to choosing a gift to someone on their special day. The card allows the person to choose what kind of item or product to buy using the card. It is already a good form of payment for the item since it is accepted to any store. The card can also be shopped online but limited only to US and District Columbia sites. Visit the website at If you are on these countries, you can do some shopping online and pay using the card. How? You will know on the following paragraph on how you can shop using the card given to you.


  1.  One needs to examine the balance of the card by visiting the Vanilla Visa website at You have to key in the exclusive number, expiration date and the CVV three digit number of the card. It is actually based at the back of the card just after the signature.
  2.  Just after you immediately discovered the balance, you need to set up a account and also the card online. By doing this, you can earn a web-based deal using the card. Proceed within the website written at the rear portion.
  3. As soon as you are on the web site, you may enter the card account number along with zip code of your place. This program is for security purpose within your purchase deal.
  4. Look at the website which you are interested in an item. Find the product or service you need to purchase after which just go to the transaction webpage on the website. You will need to type in the account selection of the gift card you posses in the text field provided. You have to supply additionally other private information requested from you.


You need  to go to the website and do the activation process to shop online now.

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