Pros and Cons of Scottrade

imageIf you want to have your money invested on a good hand, finding a broker when you invest it on stock market is essential. Amazingly, brokers now have invaded online where you can find them now easily. There are many online brokers an individual can choose but only few to whom you can trust but of course can afford your financial capability. All it takes is to compare each one you might know. One good online broker company that your family and friend might introduce is the Scottrade. This is now one of the largest brokers in the company with about 100 office branches you can find. You can read more in Scottrade login website. To get to know more about this company, here are the pros and cons you can find about them.


  1. Customer Service. Since the company has many office branches, they are design to offer assistance to their clients. It can be through the form of telephone call or emails. They respond immediately with the clients with excellent service. That is why it is considered with almost all people who want to invest in stock market. It’s because of their customer service.  Just visit their site at
  2. Low fees and opening deposit. The company offers you the lowest rate of fee which every trader is charge $7 per transaction. You can open a Scottrade account as low as $500 only.
  3. Wide investment options. The company offers wide range of products which you can invest such as bonds, mutual fund, stocks and many more.  You can research for the rest or get to know them.


  1. Do not offer bonus reinvestment plan. This is the only disadvantage of the company which it does not offer to the clients. This is the way in which you can buy an additional share at low cost. Since it is not offered in the company, when you reinvest, you have to pay $7 again.

These are the pros and cons of Scottrrade. It’s now in your decision if you want this company for your money. Visit now.

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