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The is the Human Resources system for the employees in Sears Holding Corporation. The website allows employees to view and manage their employment details such as, pay checks, contact information, health and life benefits and many more. The Sears Holding employees can learn and apply for the health, life, financial and other benefits offered by the company. It also allows the employees to earn discount policies, view job posting and fill out various forms. The sears 88 website is not open to anyone. It needs authentication details for you to access. If you are an employee, you must register to the website.image

How to Register?

If you are an sears employee, it is easy to register online. In this way, you can obtain the benefits for you and your family. The application process is easy as long as you follow the simple steps enumerated below:

First step, have your own internet connection and laptop to access the website and start the registration. Open your browser and type the link of Sears’ website,

Second step, when you are on the page, you are required to provide a working email address. Type it in the field box and click “Confirm Email”.

Third step, you have to create your own password to. It should be secured and must not be shared to others. The email address and password you have will be your authentication details to login into the website.

Fourth step, fill in your zip code on the box. If you want sales alerts and updates from the company, check the box which offers it.

Last step, to finish the process hit the “Register” link. You can now use your account.

Once you are done, you can start browsing the website and look for the benefits you want for you and your family. Just go to associates login page.

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