Signing Up in Macy’s Insight

When you want to manage and view your benefits, pay checks and other details about your employment, why not register in Macy’s employee connection website. If you are already enrolled, you can skip the registration process and proceed to the official website to login. The website is owned by Macy’s Inc. and designed to help search employee connection. You have to access the website using Internet Explorer v7, Microsoft Firefox v3, Mac OS X10.2x, Adobe Reader v7 and higher versions of each browser.

You can create Macy’s employee connection. But first, you have to enrol so you can use the website. How? You can read the simple steps here in the registration process to help you.Employees

  1. Just type in your browser the Macy’s website which is You can now view the schedule.
  2. When you want to access your account, just login through your employee ID and password and click the “Sign in” button. But remember that you have to register first.
  3. If not yet registered, just click the link which says New User/Forget ID. This is found below the sign in form fields.
  4. You begin your registration by providing your own Social Security System number, the eight digit employee ID, your own birthday, the five digit zip code of your residential address and your Mother’s maiden name.
  5. When you have provided everything, just simply hit the “Sign in” button.
  6. You will be taken on the next page where you will put your own password for your account.
  7. After that, just wait for the confirmation that you can now use your new account.

While on the process of registration, make sure you input valid data that coincide with your employee file. Your profile will locked if you provide invalid details. Macy’s employee connection can be created after account is registered.

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